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August Sixth, 2002 -- 'Okey, done with the L in Japanese Mix. Find it on the Audio Page. The FCC-freindly version is suitable for radio play (hint hint). The album version is not.

August Fifth, 2002 -- 'Nother update! New remix on the Audio Page. My good friend L in Japanese contributed some vocals fer me to mess with. This is not the final track. I'll put that up when I'm done -- still tweaking levels. This is the beta mix.

March First, 2002 -- First Update ever. Don't remember when I actually put this page up, but it seems significant all of the sudden where it didn't previously. More music available on the Audio Page. More pictures on the Piccies page. Perhaps more additions to come. Don't hold your breath or anything.

Sometime prior --

"all of a sudden i found myself in love with the world -- so there was only one thing that i could do -- was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long"


"Life is the shadow of a triangle projected onto a fish with big hair."