Dogma Lab

Dogma Lab is a transdisciplinary design lab based in Shanghai, founded by artist and designer duo professors Benjamin Bacon and Vivian Xu. Our work often considers the entanglement of technological systems with other realities, including surveillance, sensory, bodily, environmental, and living systems. We are interested in complex hybrid networks that bridge the digital with the physical and biological realms, speculating on possible synthesized futures.

Our work often incorporates a diverse range of mediums, including software, hardware, networked systems, online platforms, raw data, biomaterials and living organisms. Our research outcomes both individually and collectively have taken the form of interfaces, wearables, toolkits, machines, musical instruments, compositions and performances, public installations, architectural spectacles and educational programs. 

Situated in China, we have an invested interest in understanding and participating in local design, technology and societal discourse, as well how China as a local actor affects the dynamic of the larger global system.

DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 Chinese (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Design Portfolio 2017 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Unibrown Design Case Study (PDF)